5. Ornamental Stained Glass from Kokomo

Kokomo Opalescent Glass is another of Howard County's gas boom industries. It was started in 1888 and has been in business continually since then, providing unique, high-quality, art glass for projects around the world. There are several decorative windows in the mansion that are made of Opalescent Glass. The first you see is in the entry foyer on the doors between the entry vestibule and the main foyer. There is another opalescent glass window dressing in the formal dining room on the first floor. Another Opalescent Glass stained window treatment is found on the landing of the main staircase between the second and third floors. The original window in this location was closed in by IUK, but the glass panel was preserved. The last major stained-glass window in the mansion is located in the child’s room on the second floor. It is called “Lady of the Lake.”

(Note: not all of the stained glass in the mansion is original. Notably, the window panels on the third floor were added in more recent years.)

Learn more about Kokomo Opalescent Glass in this short video from their YouTube site.