4005. 1923 Haynes Tourister

Haynes Tourister - Model 75

This 1923 Haynes is a model 75. This was the larger of the two series of Haynes automobiles, with the model 55 being the smaller. Despite its size, it was designed to seat only four people. In the 1970s, the Haynes was restored. The job was so well done that only minor refreshing had to be done in 2015 to bring it up to running condition. The brightwork on this car is nickel. The fact that it shines like chrome is a testament to the quality of the restoration work. David Griffey owned this car for many years. Mr. Griffey was one of the visionaries behind what is now the Kokomo Automotive Museum. As a county councilman, he advocated for Kokomo’s automotive heritage for many years. When Mr. Griffey passed away in early 2015, his widow put the 1923 Haynes up for sale. Thanks to a grant by the Community Foundation of Howard County, the Kokomo Automotive Museum was able to purchase the car, insuring that it will stay in the “City of Firsts” for future generations to enjoy