4004. Pikes Peak Cloverleaf

Mr. Sowers from Henderson, Iowa was the proud owner of this Haynes. He traded a two cylinder Maytag for this Cloverleaf. Mr. Sowers owned a farm, and was worried that this car was too nice to be driving around on the country roads. The Haynes was stored in the shed, and eventually passed on to his grandsons. The following owner, Mr. Brownfield, purchased the Haynes in 1947. He drove the Haynes all over, including the 14,109-foot summit of Pikes Peak.

The Cloverleaf automobile received its name due to the shape of the seats. When looking at the seating from above, the cutout looks like a four leaf clover. This Haynes has been to many antique shows such as the Motor World Fair, Indiana Tour, Glidden Tour, and many parades throughout Indiana.