4003 Apperson Jackrabbit

Apperson advertised the “Jackrabbit” as “The Car that made the Rabbit Famous”. The Jackrabbit was known as more of a sporty car due to its high performance. Apperson eventually implemented the “Jackrabbit” as their mascot.

The backseat was called a Chummy seat. When looking at it, one can see how the back seat curves causing whoever is in the back seat to sit close together causing them to be “chummy”. Using side curtains could close the open sides to the car, however this could pose a potential safety risk because the majority of the curtain was covered in leather.

The frame of this car was wooden like most early automobiles. Often time’s owners had both a winter body and a summer body. They would simply exchange them out when the weather changed. The metal of the body was purely nailed or screwed into the frame, and was fairly easy to go from one seasonal body style to the next.