4002. Haynes Sports Sedan

The 1923 Haynes Sports Sedan is almost all original. Alvin Bodenschatz was the proud owner of this 1923 Haynes. He bought it in 1926 for $500. Alvin had been a master machinist, and was able to repair minor problems that occurred. He put less than 50,000 miles on this car while in his possession. Unfortunately in 1923 Alvin was diagnosed with epilepsy. At that time there was very little known about the disease, and many mistook it for madness. Due to the small amount of knowledge and lack of medication for Epilepsy Alvin had to quit his job, and was unable to drive. He placed the Haynes up on blocked in his garage, after emptying the cooling and fuel tanks. He hoped to be able to drive it again. Eventually however he was sent to live in the Agnew State Hospital until the late 1960’s. He was then sent home to live with family. One of Alvin’s favorite pastimes was taking \ his car magazines out to this 1923 Sedan to enjoy them.

Car enthusiasts are very fortunate that this car was well taken care of, and placed in Alvin’s garage. Many cars from this era are no longer around due to WWII. Many citizens used their car for scrap for the war effort during these times. In fact due to this only 150 of 49,000 Haynes have been identified.