4001. 1902 Haynes

The 1902 Haynes was restored around 1976. It was pulled out of a field, and all that was remaining of the original car was bits of wood and metal. This car has a steering wheel, which at that time was considered an upgrade. Many cars were steered with a tiller as seen in the 1894 “Pioneer”. Haynes patented the tilt steering wheel also known as the fat man steering wheel, which is still used today. As you can see, it would be difficult to get seated behind the steering wheel in this car if it was unmovable.

This was a gasoline-fueled automobile, which at the time was in a race with steam. Steam had already been a proven source of power, and didn’t give off the smell that gasoline did. Gasoline- fueled automobiles such as this one also required a crank start, which took quite a bit of manpower, and if everything was not lined up correctly it could backfire causing serious injury. Women tended to like the steam powered cars due the fact that they could push a switch and go, however they were much slower and were mostly only used in town. As we know today, gasoline prevailed.