307. Howard Co. in WWII

Howard County sent over 6,000 of its sons and daughters to fight in World War II. 295 of them gave their life for the cause.

Businesses did their part again as they had during WWI by converting to war production. Kingston Products Corp. produced nearly $40 million of military wares to include shells, rockets, and fuses among other things. The Globe Company produced metal life rafts and other sheet metal products. Haynes Stellite produced approximately 45 million turbine blades for aircraft superchargers. Delco Radio, Chrysler, General Electric, Hoosier Iron, and Continental Steel were also involved in military production as were many other Howard County manufacturers.

The people of Howard County were also involved in supporting the troops. Citizens collected 22,000 tons of iron and over 431,000 pounds of rubber during scrap drives. These totals did not include industrial scrap. Rationing was instituted as well. Nearly everything was rationed including gasoline, flour, tires, shoes, butter, coffee, and sugar. The ration booklets and tokens in the display case are how rationing was controlled. Without the book and stamps to document what you were allowed to have, you would not get anything. The war ended in August of 1945.