30. Ice Box

This Eureka Opal ice box was made by the Eureka Refrigerator Company in Indianapolis which was located at 1500 Tacoma Avenue on the near east side. Opal refers to the Opal Glass lining in the ice box which an early advertisement states as being “non-absorbent and will not crack or craze.” An advertisement from 1909 reveals that a similar Eureka Opal ice box had a 150 pound ice capacity and cost $125.

It is unclear when this ice box was installed in the mansion. It was uncovered and restored during the Designer Showhome in 2003. The doors and shelves were safely stored inside while the space had been covered with drywall for many years. There is a small wooden door on the back of the mansion which gave access to the ice box for ice deliveries. The opening to the ice box is on the inside, upper right. A card would be displayed in the window telling the delivery man how much ice was wanted either by weight or by price.