3. African American History Revealed

Howard County African American

History Revealed

If you really look sometimes, you see things you didn’t before. This is true of history as much as anything else. Research reveals new perspectives all the time. What is revealed here is that African Americans have been in Howard County since its beginning, and their history is woven through the county’s history.

This is not a traditional exhibition. You’ll find parts of it in different areas throughout the museum, along with a digital component to each object. It offers fragments of a long history with the opportunity through QR codes to take a deeper dive through your cell phone.

The historical society invited members of the African American community to help us identify key people, places, and events to represent the history of African Americans in Howard County. The list of subjects selected includes farmers, doctors, educators, military, and merchants. Regular people, but all visionaries and pioneers in one way or another. The goal is to move us all forward in understanding a more fully realized history of Howard County.



Special thanks to the HCHS African American Advisory Group members for their contributions, as well as Gil Porter, and Amy Russell at the Kokomo-Howard County Public Library.

The following links will take you directly to different sections of our QR tour of African American History Revealed.

The Green Book

"Circus" John Byers

Aliff Henley, first African American land owner in the county

Tuskegee Airmen from Howard County

Women of the Carver Neighborhood

Neighborhood Institutions