281. Wayman African Methodist Episcopal Church

In 1851, Aliff Henley deeded three-quarters of an acre in Ervin Township northwest of Kokomo to “Erect or cause to be Built thereon a house or place of Worship for the use of the Members of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.” A frame building there served as both church and school for many years, and the graveyard remains. Rev. David Rush, Henley’s son-in-law and a farmer in Clay Township, was the first AME minister here.

By 1870, more African Americans were moving into Kokomo, resulting in an AME church being organized in the city. Worshippers met in a rented hall near the courthouse. In 1872-3, the first AME church in Kokomo was built on Sharp Street, now East Richmond Street. Bishop Alexander Walker Wayman dedicated it in 1875 and the church was named after him. In 1911, Wayman church began worship in its current location on Kennedy Street, now Apperson Way. It is believed that building stands as the oldest Black church in Kokomo. 

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