272. The Winburn Green Book Home

Winburn Home

1015 N. Kennedy St. (now Apperson Way)

Charles Winburn and his wife, Ora, were married in 1908 and lived in Kokomo until their deaths. Charles was a street or road oiler, driving an early tank truck spraying oil to control the constant dust on dry dirt roads. Later, he became a grocer and was an active member of the community. He was an officer of the newly formed chapter of the NAACP in Kokomo in 1929 and was active in Republican politics. He was also the Grand Chancellor Commander of the fraternal organization Knights of Pythias of Indiana. The Winburn house was in two different African American travel guides. The first time was in 1930 in Hackley and Harrison’s Hotel and Apartment Guide for Colored Travelers. The next was in The Green Book starting in 1939. Charles passed away in 1947 and Ora in 1949.