271. The Hardinson Green Book Home

Hardiman (*Hardinson, Hardimon) Home

812 N. Kennedy St. (now Apperson Way)

Charles Hardiman was born on July 4, 1859. His wife Hester was born in 1872. They were married on October 14, 1907, and lived in Kokomo. Their house was listed in two different African American travel guides. The first was Hackley and Harrison’s Hotel and Apartment Guide for the Colored Traveler where they were included in the 1930 and 1931 editions. Their home then appeared in The Green Book in 1939. They had a daughter Octavia. Hester died in 1940 and Charles died in 1941.

The parking lot of the Second Missionary Baptist Church now covers the site of Charles and Hester’s home.

*The name Hardiman is spelled differently in various written records.