261. John O. Cunningham

John Cunningham (1915-1969)

John Cunningham was born in Indiana in 1915. He was recorded living in Howard County’s Monroe Township with his father and two brothers in 1920. He later moved to Muncie and joined the Army in 1941.

As a member of Class 43-2, Cunningham trained to fly liaison aircraft at Tuskegee, Alabama. These aircraft were used by the Army to assist artillery’s aim from the air. He served in the Pacific Theater in New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, and the Philippines with the 93rd Infantry Division, an African American unit, and was with the 594th Field Artillery. He also served as a pilot in the Korean War. He married Winifred Davidson from Kokomo in 1946. Both Winifred and her sister Daisy wed Tuskegee airmen from Kokomo.

Following his service in Korea, the Army trained him to fly helicopters. He finished his 21-year military career with the Ohio Air National Guard in 1962 and retired to Yellow Springs, Ohio. He died in 1969 and is buried in Crown Point Cemetery in Kokomo.

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