210. Emma Seiberling Wedding

Emma Seiberling in 1879 at age 16

Emma Seiberling and Charles Butler were married on Wednesday, April 26 1893 at 8:30pm in the Seiberling Mansion. The ceremony took place in the east parlor of the house. Charles Butler was the manager of the Indiana Insulated Rubber works, a company owned by Monroe Seiberling, in Jonesboro, Indiana; Emma Seiberling was a society lady of Kokomo. After a 2-week honeymoon the happy couple made their home in Marion, Indiana. Emma's dress, though in the HCHS collection, is not on exhibit.

The spoons you see here were a gift from one of her close friends. The 10 friends called themselves "The Decimals"

photo from a reenactment of Emma's wedding in the mansion