2020. 316 N. Washington - Masonic Temple

316 North Washington Street - Masonic Temple (images: misc. early photos incl. one of the building under construction and another of the rooftop patio) This building is another significant structure designed by local architect Oscar F. Cook. With much importance in local history, it is still being used for its original purpose. The first Masonic meeting took place in Kokomo on November 2, 1849, only two years after the last of the Miami Indians moved from the banks of the Wildcat Creek, having entered into a U.S. treaty for the land that is now Howard County. The growth of Masonry in Kokomo is an interesting story, and city founder David Foster was among the lodge’s original members. Those “brothers of the square and compass” elected to hold their meetings on the first Tuesday on or after the first full moon of each month. The full moon was counted on to light their way home from Lodge. Outstanding Design: Neoclassical Year Built: 1921