2018. N. Buckeye at Jackson St. - Railroad Depot

North Buckeye Street at Jackson Street (images: older photos of depot incl. image of crowds waiting to greet soldiers returning from WWI) The depot building is comprised of three sections – for passengers on the south end and freight in the middle with a concrete extension of the loading dock at the north end. The passenger section of the depot is a two-story, red-brick building with decorative brackets and a jerkin-head roofline. The north portion of the same building, the freight section, is one-story with a gabled roofline. The south elevation contains the once-primary entrance to the passenger section (boarded-up), windows flanking the entry in the first story, and three window openings in the second. Window openings throughout the building have limestone sills and flat, brick lintels; a projecting brick stringcourse visually connects the window sills around the entire perimeter of the second story of the building. The double-hung window units have multiple lights, in a 3x4 pattern, in the upper sash and single glazing in the lower. The east elevation includes a secondary entrance to the passenger section, a long loading platform, and a series of four sliding wooden doors that provide access to the freight section of the building. The secondary entrance has a small stone stoop, an entry door, and a shed-roofed overhang above the door opening. The entry door surround consists of multi-paned sidelights and transom; the door has a light in the upper half and is wood-paneled in the lower half. The shed roof over the door is supported at each side with paired and decorative wooden brackets. Outstanding Design: Craftsman Year Built: 1916