2011. 107-111 E. Sycamore: The Lerner Building

107-111 E. Sycamore: The Lerner Building (images: the two older photos were taken ca 1960 and 1984) Listed in the National Register of Historic Places, this bracketed Italianate building is the second significant building on this street to “grow” over the years. Originally about 40 feet narrower than the current structure, this building was home to early businesses including a meat market, and more recently the Victory Bicycle Shop, which occupied its space for more than 50 years. The second floor once was quite beautiful with two large apartments complete with eight-foot pocket doors. Ornamental woodwork framed interior windows that faced a central hall/staircase, lit during the day by a large skylight. When the addition was constructed, the building lost its elegant luster, fading to just another boarding house. The exterior of the upper floor is original with minor changes to the ground floor, retaining a small original portion toward the middle of the wall and a sympathetic rehab on the larger space. Outstanding Design: Italianate Year Built: C. 1885