2000. Historic Downtown Kokomo

The Kokomo Historic Review Board, Indiana Landmarks, Howard County Historical Society and the Howard County History Alliance welcome you to Historic Downtown Kokomo. The Historic Review Board administers Kokomo's Local Landmark Designation Program, which recognizes individual historic buildings. The city also now has three districts that are listed in the National Register of Historic Places…the Old Silk Stocking Neighborhood, the Courthouse Square Historic District and the L.E. & W. Railroad Depot Historic District. The latter two form the boundaries of this tour. A map of the tour is available by mobile web as part of the smartphone tour - and is also available on Google Maps. The images included in the smartphone tour are all clickable. A printed copy of the tour in booklet form is available from the City of Kokomo or the Howard County Historical Society. We sincerely hope you enjoy the tour, as we continue to share our excitement for the continued improvement of Kokomo through preservation and restoration. Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments at any time during the tour.