20. Made in Kokomo - The Davis Phonograph

(image: a 1915 photo of the factory building which became the home of Davis Industries in 1926.)

Davis Industries, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, was organized in 1904. In 1926, the company looked to Kokomo to start a manufacturing plant to expand their mail-order radio business and signed a contract to use the Haynes Automobile assembly building in March of that year. After some delay in getting financed, the company started installing equipment in early 1927. The Kokomo plant became their chief manufacturing facility, assembling radio and phonograph cabinets and making cabinet novelties and furniture. Due to the depression, the company saw its orders plummet. It put its workers on part-time work in an attempt to save the company but to no avail. The company shuttered its assembly operation on Friday September 26, 1930 and on October 13 entered receivership.

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