1021. 524 W. Sycamore - Second Empire

“Haskett-Jay House” c. 1875 This outstanding example of a Second Empire style house is beautifully preserved. Second Empire is most easily identifiable by its mansard roof, as seen on this home. Other features include the rounded bay window with rounded glass windows, dormer windows, slate roof, and two-story bay window located on the side of the house. Notice the authentic porch with horizontal and vertical latticework below. This type of latticework was typical in the time period that this house was built. The home was built in 1875 by Robert Haskett, and purchased by Gilbert Jay in 1911. The early photos include the Jay family in 1918 and a slightly more recent picture of the home when I was owned by Samuel Anderson (date not established). Houses with this architecture were built between 1855 and 1885 and have become Hollywood’s favorite haunted houses. It’s the haunting hilltop architecture seen in spooky movies such as Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho.” An extensive article appeared in the local newspaper when the Hasketts hosted a lavish wedding reception for Rees Haskett and Emma Webb, an actress from New York City. While restoring the home, the current owners found some old letters from the 1860s belonging to Lizze Haskett before she was married. Who knows how many secrets this house holds!