1014. 900 W. Walnut - T-Plan/Queen Anne

c.1875 Samuel B. and Eliza M. Overholser built this beautiful home which still retains most of its original tin roof on the front porch and the original slate roofing on the exterior. The land for this home was originally purchased from the U.S. government in 1848 by Judge Nathaniel R. Lindsay and his wife Rachael. The centered, front projecting wing makes the plan of this house form a “T,” which is why it is considered a T-Plan. This house displays Queen Anne features such as fishscale shingles and bargeboard, both located in the gable end. Craftsman features can also be seen in the porch with cement piers and square columns. Notice one portion of the roof is still slate. (T-Plan/Queen Anne: A gable-front house with a perpendicular front portion that forms a T, is referred to as a T-Plan. Most of these house are one or one-and-a-half stories tall.) (Queen Anne: A sub-style of the late Victorian era, Queen Anne is a collection of coquettish detailing and eclectic materials. Steep cross-gabled roofs, towers, and vertical windows are all typical of a Queen Anne home. Inventive, multistory floor plans often include projecting wings, several porches and balconies, and multiple chimneys with decorative chimney pots.)