1011. 1014 W. Walnut - Queen Anne

c. 1890 This notable Queen Anne house has remained virtually unaltered since it was built, which is important for a historic structure. Unique features include the square tower (called a turret) with pyramidal roof and brackets under the eaves. A small, round-arched window with bullseye molding in the keystone are rare characteristics. Original windows, storm and entrance doors,wood siding, and, most likely, the original porch all keep the historic value of the house intact. (Queen Anne: A sub-style of the late Victorian era, Queen Anne is a collection of coquettish detailing and eclectic materials. Steep cross-gabled roofs, towers, and vertical windows are all typical of a Queen Anne home. Inventive, multistory floor plans often include projecting wings, several porches and balconies, and multiple chimneys with decorative chimney pots.)